Sunday, November 30, 2008

Howdy, Etsy News, and Cupcake Tasting

Yay. First post for CocoaStomp! Certainly we'll be working out some technical difficulties, but hopefully you'll all bear with us.

Well, kids, only a few days left for our post-turkey free gift special! These adorable labels are free with a purchase of the Set of 8 monster cards. We personalize them with your return address. Won't your BMF (best monster friend) be tickled green to get one of these in the mail?

And in other news. A bunch of new, holiday monster paintings were delivered to the North Hill Bakery today. Can't wait for the art opening party on Friday!!! We ordered the bakery treats today and will be compiling goodie bags this week.

Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? I did for sure. And that was followed by an excellent birthday on Saturday. I said many times that I WOULD NOT have cupcakes for my birthday. I eat, sleep, draw cupcakes and I thought I should just say no this year. But darn it if one of my favorite food blogs didn't up and change my mind.

After reading this post we hightailed it to Wallingford's Trophy Cupcakes. Aaron made me positively swoon when he ordered FOUR cupcakes -- the LAST available Smore Cupcake, one Chocolate Candy Cane, one Snickerdoodle, and one Candied Yam. We have one left to eat tonight, the yam one. Of the other three, the most highly anticipated one, the one Martha made famous (I still have that episode Tivoed) Mr. Smore... well. It was good. But more adorable than great. However, Snickerdoodle -- redonkulously delicious. And same with Choco Candy Cane. I'll report back on the yam one. I love sweet potato biscuits and wonder if this is similar.

Speaking of sweet potato biscuits -- you know who makes some scrumptious ones? I'm just saying, so many reasons to come on Friday.