Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ants are out. Friends on TV are in.

I had to move back into the house. The dining room to be exact. Poor art studio/shed is once again over run with little ants. The bug guy came on Friday and put tasty bait out. I was surrounded by ants after that, but they mostly just focused on the baited areas. Now. Eesh. It is not a pretty picture. I wish we could co-exist peacefully, but they kept dropping on my head and in my paint palette and swimming in my water glass.
Now that I'm back in the house I can have DVDs or Tivo on in the background and it's really nice. I've been reading Jane Brocket's book and am a big fan of her movie list. Sound of Music is on the list and I'm hoping to have that on later today. Julie Andrews is a nice person to spend your afternoon with. I've got That Touch of Mink, too.

On Thanksgiving we went to my aunt's house and she was cooking up a storm while having every Thanksgiving Friends episode on in the background. She was concerned that everyone else would want to watch football so she switched to that instead. And then, from the kitchen, I heard "Joey!"
She has a little tv in the kitchen and was resuming her turkey day Friends watching. Isn't that adorable?

A new print is up at the Etsy shop. Mistletoerantula available here.

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Cuppa Jolie said...

I love that episode of Friends. hee

And Mistletoerantula...love it. Just glad I'm not under it.