Monday, December 22, 2008

Cabin Brain Fever

That's been my view for the past couple of days, derriere cemented firmly to the couch.

I don't know if this is normal creative behavior, but I think I heard it on Craftcast or maybe from Laini (happy birthday!): that when you are stuck on a project you shouldn't try to plow through necessarily, but move on to something else until you are so sick of not working on that original project that you feel compelled to get back to it.

Two 'original projects' I've been taking a breather from are: the gym and a picture book dummy. Took time off from both this last week or two and am now feeling compelled to get back to work or else I might scream. We braved our snowy, West Seattle hills to get to the gym this morning and only had to help push one car out of the road on the way there. So, check, back in gym mode.

And now, if I can convince Aaron that he doesn't need my help with home maintenance projects today I think I could get some work done on my picture book dummy.

I really like being lazy sometimes. And being snowed in is excellent breeding grounds for laziness. Holiday movies are my best friends -- we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol and Die Hard 2 last night.

One thing that might have pushed me over the edge to get moving and creating again, though, more powerful than cabin fever is that I started knitting a sock. After an inch of stockinette stitch was completed last night and my hands ached from using such tiny needles I thought, my god, it's just going to be a sock. I'd much rather be making a book right now for heaven's sake.

So the sock will wait in line behind picture book dummies and some new ideas for non-holiday shop items.

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