Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cuppa Jolie's La La Goals

Jolie is keeping us honest and is at the ready with her licorice lasso over at Cuppa Jolie. I have today and tomorrow to complete my La La Goal and I *just* *might* *make* *it* if Aaron can help me with my first ever Combined Excise Tax Returns also due tomorrow.

My goal was to finish a picture book dummy and send it off. The power of self inflicted deadlines had worn off a bit this year, but doing the holiday monster art show -- making 12 paintings by November 30th -- was a wonderful kick in the patoot. A real accomplishment for me that proved personal deadlines are worth working toward and possible to attain if you can just let your inner critic die for a bit.

is helping me out with these matters, too, giving me ideas to stick in my pipe and smoke. I am not sure a licorice pipe is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (candy pics from the Carmel Cottage of Sweets.)

I prefer it to the corn cob pipe,

but not the bubble blower.

Why does the Goofy bubble blower look like a cyclops?

Tell Betsy at Fuse #8 what to stick in her review pipe by voting in these three fun polls. Actually, I think Betsy could pull off smoking a pipe. If only smoking was still allowed in libraries.


Cuppa Jolie said...

Hope you're doing good, Jaime. I know you've been working hard. Ending 2008 all productive. Way to go!

johanna said...

Yes, way to go! The goofy cyclops is mesmerizing...