Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas to You!

And Hanukkah, too!

My family in Snohomish told us to stay home today -- I guess they've been getting loads of giant snowflake flurries this morning. It's been snow/rain here only, but we will have a belated Xmas with them this weekend.

Bebop and Logan got their pressies this morning: bones and snuggly beds and even a previously used ball that seems brand new to our genius of a dog after we wrapped it.

I got all my wish list items from Santa:

A subscription to Marie Claire Idees

A mini madeleine pan

MAKER OF THINGS by Denise Fleming (this is such a great series of books!)

Kirby on Blogger!

Aaron got a zombie video game, Alan Moore comic book, and a very nice Seattle Sounders jersey.

I've been watching a lot of Nigella Christmas episodes and am still unclear what goes on with a Christmas pud, but I now understand and am a fan of her idea of mincemeat. Will my favorite British illustrator please explain the pud to me?


Kim Baker said...

Marie Claire Idees? What is this? I've never heard of it/ Craft stuff?!? Now we have to invite ourselves over for madeleines.

Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas and a great visit with the fam!

CocoaStomp said...

Of course you will come over for madeleines and I will show you MC Idees. I can't read it, but Aaron translates it now and then.