Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Window and a Shop Update

I'm typing this with a 15 pound cat on my chest, arse-end facing me.

Okay... now Bebop's turned around and has snuggled onto my shoulder and is facing me, ready to claw my face off. Love is dangerous sometimes.

We got new, beauteous windows installed in the top floor of our house recently. One is left to do and they are coming back to install it today. Our house has kind of looked like Popeye with the old, sad squinty window out front. It's the window I've been working next to lately while my shed is going through Operation Anti-Ant. Luckily I am done painting and all my supplies are put away, ready for the window guys to come in and make lots of noise. Did Kim ever post photos of her shed???

I got new promo postcards to send out for the holidays printed yesterday! I will share some postcard making secrets next week as a Tool of the Trade. Denise Fleming even wanted to know where I got my last batch printed and I will tell you all next week -- it is my new favorite place for promos.

Heavens to Murgatroyd, I'm dogless. Logan is at work with Aaron. Maybe Bebop and I will talk to each other like Snagglepuss all day.

Two new prints in the etsy shop this morning. Aaron's favorite, Eggnogtopus, and Dreidel Libre. I think we'll post the remaining holiday monster prints ALL tomorrow morning.


Kim Baise said...

Hi Jaime, These are great! I especially love the dreidel. I just posted your name on my jikits art blog along with Holly, Jolie and the others who are in this cupcake challenge. I'm so glad there's now some artists among us.
Nice to meet you,

Laurie Thompson said...

Heavens to Murgatroyd!? I don't think I have ever heard (or read) anyone say that before outside of my own family. I love you!