Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lovely night! Inspirational talk and loads of pressies

Laini did a wonderful job last night. Her talk was not only applicable to novel writers, but to illustrators, picture book writers, crafters and designers, too. Of course, I should have known that and let YOU know that all should attend.

My favorite strategy of hers for getting unstuck in your work is: Be Flexible. Don't cling to your ideas. Do question all of your assumptions. "Be extravagantly open."

And that's one of so many. I also loved all of Laini's photos in her presentation, her lovely quotes and her references to Agatha Christie's working habits. Oh, Aggie. Hopefully she'll be speaking on this in your area soon and you MUST go hear her.

And the pressies!!! Well, I was blown away by all the love and goodness that abounded last night from my fellow advisory committee members. I should retire from things more often! Joni, Laurie and Kim picked out the most perfect purse for me -- the Phantom Firefighter book cover purse! And a gift certificate to my favorite local book store.

And Laini and Jim brought presents, too! Lots of awesome Laini's Ladies swag and the cutest little salt and pepper shakers.

Can you believe these are our first ever s + p shakers? And they go perfectly with my Henry the 8th teapot.
And the teapot Sara got me last year.

And from Sara in the holiday monster theme I received a lovely Sendak Wild Thing. He's too cute up there in his Xmas tree.

The highlight of the presents, though, was the independent giving of the same gift. Jolie and Sara BOTH bought me the Hello, Cupcake book unbeknownst to each other. Boy, those girls really do think alike and they sure know what I like. I think I'll have an upstairs and a downstairs copy. Or maybe a copy for the kitchen and one for the car.

Below you can see the wondrous Ladies, purse and double bookings! Plus a present I got myself -- Alicia Paulson's Skating Afternoon Felt Ornament Kit! I am counting on this as my cozy Posie project for Christmas Eve/Day. These sweet ornaments won't be done until next season, but what a nice project to have. I adore the Posie blog. If you need a corgi fix or gorgeous photos and daily inspiration, check out Posie Gets Cozy. Or for writerly/illustratorly inspiration plus deliciousness check out Brimstone Soup! I forgot about Holly's post on toffee. Said toffee was described to me AGAIN last night at eleven and -- if I wasn't normally an in-bed-by-nine-ish person I would have totally tried to make some immediately.


Ali said...

Oh my lord, I LOVE those birds!!

CocoaStomp said...

I will happily salt and pepper your beans and toast with them when you come to stay.