Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Polls for no reason are the best polls of all

It is silly, but I love blogger.com's poll widgetybit.

And until Christmas Day I'm going to keep the favorite holiday book poll up. I know I missed Kirby's favorite, Katherine Paterson's ANGELS AND OTHER STRANGERS, and probably Holly's is DREAM SNOW by Eric Carle (did you know he has a blog???), but I was only going off of my own library/wish list.

If you haven't read SANTA CLAUS, THE WORLD'S NUMBER ONE TOY EXPERT by Marla Frazee yet, I don't think you can honestly take my poll because it is truly my most favoritest holiday book and I've given it to at least four different people.

Still, if there's another book that makes your holiday sparkle and I missed it, I hope you'll post a comment here with the book title and author and illustrator info!


Cuppa Jolie said...

I love Santa Claus, The Worlds' Number One Toys Expert! Love it! But it's hard to choose between nostalgia and one that just make me smile.

holly cupala said...

I haven't seen that one! Will have to check it out. I love the vintage-inspired illustrations.

Our fave this year is Shall I Knit You A Hat - because it's inspired us to make hats and carrot cake! I got four colors of yarn to make a hat, just in time for the blizzard.