Friday, December 5, 2008

Real and Imaginary Monsters

Alice at Curiouser and Curiouser posted about the Magnapinna. Aren't they something? I don't know what sort of holiday monster it could be... maybe a New Year's Day monster that lives on your eyeball post-partying.

Here is a play-by-play of the goodie bags so far:

First the muse, available shortly in the shop

Did you know the economy isn't doing too well? The goodie bag construction had to be zero cost (so I could buy you all loads of bourbon and candy.) Some already owned crepe paper is being used for stocking monster body construction.

These were full sheets of paper, like tissue paper size, that I cut into long strips. I'm hoping to someday make something from my Denyse Schmidt quilting book and I think this exercise in paper has given me the confidence to go for a real quilt.

And still left to do this morning is more construction, eye and fang printing and filling up with goodies. The window people never came yesterday. I hope to be done sewing before they show up. I hope they show up. Lovely windows, but not reliable timing.

Also under construction are some Mistletoerantula repellent pills. Note the large spoon and extra large container of candy. Have you ever opened a fresh container of jelly beans and taken a whiff? The smell is scrumptious -- a wing of the Wonka factory must smell like that. Reeaallly good and sweet. If I have some extra pills I might include them with a purchase of the Mistletoerantula print or original...

Hope you're all coming to Capitol Hill tonight to the North Hill Bakery at 6:30 p.m.!

P.S. Did you know I AM a genius? Last night I figured out how to make the sewing machine wind the bobbin thingie. I'd been doing it by hand at first. And then in September I noticed the little spoke and rubber wheel. So then I was turning the rubber wheel by hand, but kept complaining that I kept bumping into the big sewing machine wheel...when it hit me last night why they were so close together... I'm such an Einstein! For all the five year olds out there who read this blog and haven't started sewing yet: if you have an ancient sewing machine with no manual the rubber wheel for the bobbin winder should press against the big sewing machine wheel and will turn with it. So instead of half an hour to wind a bobbin it's only 30 seconds. I think I'm really going to like sewing now!


Alice said...

Oooooh, I loooove that picture of Magnapinna you've got up there! It's so sweet!

And, man...bobbin-winding is just about my favorite part of sewing. Seriously, I have way too much fun doing that...

CocoaStomp said...

Oh, Alice, it was seriously like the monolith scene in 2001. I felt my brain expand when I discovered that bobbin wheel!