Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Laini Taylor

Tonight is our SCBWI WWA Holiday Meeting/Party. It's also the last meeting that Sara, Jolie, and I will be Co-RAs and ARA of. The amazings -- Joni, Laurie, and Kim are taking over for 2009. Right now it's a bit too bittersweet to write about how much the experience of being ARA has meant to me. So only something happy for now:

The evening will start with a cookie competition, lots of snacks, some farewelling, maybe some singing and bawling, a slideshow and perhaps a surprise or two. And then we have someone speaking on revising your novel, Laini Taylor.

I met Laini BPH, Before Pink Hair. Maybe it was Between Pink Hair, I bet she had pink hair when she was incubating. From the first, she and husband, Jim, have always been the sweetest, cutest, warmest, chic-est couple you'd ever want to meet.

If you are just embarking on your children's book career and decide to follow the advice of Steven Malk (which is to find an industry hero and study their road to success) you should consider studying Laini not only for her industry success, but for all that she shares with friends and the children's book world in general.

She is a tireless supporter of books and reading, an excellent craftswoman, an appropriately hard worker/researcher for the important job of writing for children, a cupcake connoisseur and very supportive of others in their careers by sharing tips and building networking or craft of writing experiences. Add to all that her kickass writing and illustrating skills which have brought us her excellent books and Laini's Ladies. She is one imaginative, smart, mango chomping cookie.

Laini just makes me happy. On her blog she shares the high highs of book successes as well as heartbreaking personal lows and her politics. I wish I had that courage. On her blog she also shares photos of her and Jim's art and home. It's clear that they've really crafted their own special world and their personalities shine through. Jolie did a great interview with Laini here.

And Laini loves the holidays. So, for me, she is one step away from Santa and I hope you all have the chance to meet her someday, if not tonight at 7!

PS - Isn't that a cute wreath up top? It is from here. If Laini was a wreath, I think she'd look like that one. Below is what Jim would look like if he was a wreath:


Jim Di Bartolo said...

HA! I love the manly/nerdy wreath that I'd be :) You rule Jaime!! And thank you and all of the rest of the wonderful SCBWI ladies for putting on a fun fun evening!!! (and of course, thanks for all that you and Aaron did for us! :) Looking forward to seeing you all again & wish we all lived a lot closer!!

Happy happy!

Laurie Thompson said...

What a beautifully-written tribute to Laini and Jim, and absolutely totally right on! Last night was awesome, just like you! :)