Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays! BUY BOOKS!

I've been mostly blogging over at Bound this month, but look here soon for some exciting pre-conference interviews with SCBWI Winter Conference faculty.

Fellow Team Blog member CuppaJolie is doing a fun twitter interview with Jenn Bailey tomorrow!

So are you done shopping? Because BOOKS make a great gift. Whatever format suits you -- ebooks, audio books, paperback, hardcover, pop up, scratch and sniff. Books are easy to wrap, too.

At Bound I made ten holiday gift guides and am still thinking of a few stocking stuffer idears. The Mysteries Gift Guide is my favorite because it includes treats to match the book.

If you need to buy:

Holiday Books

Impressive Coffee Table Books


Little Kids

Middle Kids






Stocking Stuffer for Sillies

Stocking Stuffer for Beginning Scientists

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - Exclusive! Alice Pope interviews agent Tina Wexler

Check out CWIMing Awesome Alice's latest interview here

And Suzanne Young's talking to Razorbill Prez, Ben Schrank, here

Catch all the great faculty at the NY conference in February!

There's still time to register with the early bird discount for the 11th Annual SCBWI International Winter Conference.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - New Speaker Added!

Good news! Jane Yolen has been added to the 11th Annual SCBWI International Winter Conference speaker list.

You know Jane. She's a very giving writing teacher/mentor and an American Children's Book Legend -- awards, doctorates, THREE HUNDRED BOOKS. She's the reason the phrase 'Git her done' was invented. Jane gits it DONE. Wouldn't you like to be more like Jane? I know I would. Maybe she'll let us in on some of her secrets to being so productive (I think, for starters, she suggests doing something that rhymes with shmottom in shmair...)

Come see her in New York in January! There's still time to sign up for early bird registration here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Over on BOUND, a holiday book list!

It is time already. Christmas, Hanukkah, Chrismukkah. Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe has holiday cards and prints.

On Bound for the next TEN days I'll be posting book gift guides. First up is Holiday Books!

Some books on the list are oldies but goodies. But some are newies:

My favorite Frazee Santa book, Kimmel goblins, Paschkis dreidels, Iwai's lights, Heiligman's awesome NG series, Snickety latkes, Watson-y Santa, Dickens ala Helquist ala, and a reissued Sedaris.

If you think I missed some titles, I hope you'll leave your suggestion in the post's comments!

Also: Just bought some eggnog for my Eggnogtopus (word on the street is a certain MoBro gets the nog delivered. Fancy!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My lunch has no eyes

Or a smile. Why is my lunch so boring? Will this person make me lunch from now on? I also like how the watermark on her images are adorable fonts that add to the photo's charm on the left. Please adopt me, cuteobento.

In other news, Oprah spelled Stephenie Meyer's name wrong.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What the dickens?! I missed a Twilight spoof

Still processing what may be the best Fall Retreat yet, I was out on the Hood Canal this weekend for SCBWI WWA's Weekend on the Water.

Editors Cheryl Klein and Ruta Rimas ran the show. Retreat Coordinator CuppaJolie had 100 pounds of leftover Halloween candy to share. I had my electric blanket and wellies. Truly an amazing weekend for writers.

So I missed a few things while I was gone.

• The opening of A CHRISTMAS CAROL in 3stinkingD.

• An adorable TWILIGHT spoof.

See them both on Bound today.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happiness is a warm puppy named Nubs

Kirby Larson's book event is this Saturday at Third Place Books for Nubs!

I'm so sad I will be out of town. Go, go, go, if you can.

Here's a post about the book on Bound.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I got five minutes with Eoin Colfer!

Read the interview here.

Lack of charm on my part:

1. I turned beet red for the whole interview.

2. I used my flip camera to record his audio only, so I wasn't paying attention at what I was recording visually, which was five minutes of Eoin's crotch. Nice one, Jaime!

Eoin's event in Seattle was with Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Together they are a Dynamic Trifecta.

Thanks to Eoin and Hyperion Disney and MSN Entertainment for the opportunity.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

National Bookstore Day is next week!

Are you sharing the love? Going to go buy stuff at your favorite bookshoppe?
OOooo, but what if you are out of town and don't know where to go?
Maybe you can find a place to visit on the new Bound Best Bookstore pages?
Well, after you and all your buddies enter your favoritest store info bits, that is.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - Registration open for NY Conference!

Yes indeedy. Go register!

And when you are done, maybe you could win a few free books thanks to the latest Bound post.

Monday, October 26, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - Winter Conference details are up, up, up!

Yous guys, I'm so thrilled, if a few days behind -

SCBWI TEAM BLOG is back in action. We are like the A-Team, but without the body hair or as much jewelry.

I give you:

Sgt. B.A. Baracus Pope, who pities the non-blogging and non-tweeting fools at CWIM and twitter.

Lt. Faceman Wind, who appropriates vehicles like the GMC Vandura when he's not blogging at I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I read? or on twitter.

Col. Hannibal Young, who may smoke a cigar, but has a surprisingly girlie blog at Suzanne Young and a trés feminine bg on twitter.

Co-Captains Howling Mad Stekly and Temairik, who may have spent the first four conferences residing in a mental institution, but are still the best helicopter pilots in town, blog and twitter at CuppaJolie (tweets) and CocoaStomp (tweets) respectively.

The official SCBWI conference blog is going to be hopping again soon!

Registration for the 2010 SCBWI International Winter Conference starts this Wednesday! And there are those awesome intensives that always sell out that you'll want to sign up for...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Interview with illustrator Sue Hendra!

Barbara Jean Hicks and Sue Hendra have been busy busy busy! Their new book, MONSTERS DON'T EAT BROCCOLI, is out and they have been taking the blogs by storm.

I was lucky enough to get to interview Sue for today's Broccoli blog tour stop. Here she is with her adorable office assistant, Wanda:

The full interview is here, on Bound. But check out this sneak peek of how Sue works with an illustration from Sue's next book, BARRY, THE FISH WITH FINGERS, mentioned in the Little Willow interview.

The computer rough that she does to get the colors just right:

And the final painting. Amazing!

Want more broccoli?!?

Here's the full schedule:
Review: Elizabeth Bird for School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. “More fun than a book with a message should ever hope to be.”
Book Trailer: Monster reviewers Gene Sisko and Roger Elbert go two thumbs up for BROCCOLI!
Interview: Terry Pierce talks to Barbara about children and healthy eating.
Interview: Little Willow talks to illustrator Sue Hendra, editor Erin Clarke, and Barbara in a single interview.
Interview: Sherrie Petersen talks to Barbara about the switch from writing romance to writing children’s books.
Interview: Terry Pierce interviews editor Erin Clarke (Random House Knopf).
Interview: Sue Hendra interviewed by Jaime Temairik Hedquist on MSN Entertainment's new book blog, Bound
Podcast Review: Mark and Andrea’s Just One More Book audio blog. “Gasping, gobbling, grinning, crunching and belching, seven sherbet-coloured monsters revel in outrage at their broccoli-loving readers in this rhyming enticement to eat green.”
Book Trailer: Cecilia Olivera-Hillway of Polar Twilight animates Sue Hendra’s cheerful monsters as giant broccoli falls from the sky.
Photographs: The Broccoli Book Launch, August 28, 2009, Barnes & Noble Ventura. Seen: Chow, Chompers, and Barbara Jean the Story Queen!
Downloads: For kids, Sue Hendra’s coloring pages for MONSTERS DON’T EAT BROCCOLI. For adults, The MONSTERS DON’T EAT BROCCOLI Broccoli Fan Cookbook!
Podcast Interview: Suzanne Lieurance talks to author Barbara Jean Hicks about BROCCOLI, her life, and writing on Book Bites for Kids (Blog Talk Radio).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sendak stuff on Bound! Winter Conference Line Up Up!

DARE YOU to find a Wild Thing product that I have missed here on Bound!

I'm going to be in NY for the 2010 SCBWI Winter Conference, how about you?

Remember, any price is a reasonable price to see the amazing Libba Bray in person.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do books stay crunchy in milk?

For a children's book – better than being on a Wheaties box or having a star on Hollywood Blvd is to be IN a box o' Cheerios!

Would you like to vote on what five books get to be the 2010 Spoonfuls of Stories books? You can vote every day for the rest of October for any of these great great great books.

The top five are going to be free with a box of cheerios, so spread the love when you vote:

Clang! Clang! Beep! Beep!
by Robert Burleigh, illustrated by Beppo Giacobbe

All the World
by Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Marla Frazee

If I Were A Jungle Animal by Amanda Ellery, illustrated by Tom Ellery

Peeny Butter Fudge by Toni and Slade Morrison, illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Hello Baby! by Mem Fox, illustrated by Steve Jenkins

Dogfish by Gillian Shields, illustrated by Dan Taylor

Chaucer's First Winter by Stephen Krensky, illustrated by Henry Cole

Bear's New Friend
by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman

The Purple Kangaroo
by Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Peter Brown

No T-Rex in the Library by Tony Buzzeo, illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa

Always by Alison McGhee, illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre

by Scott M. Fischer

The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School
by Laurie Halse Anderson, illustrated by Ard Hoyt

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bound to be blogged

I am cheating on CocoaStomp with another blog. Bound, to be exact, of the MSN Entertainment SuperFans group.

Coming soon to CocoaStomp via Bound:

  • Finally getting some Wordstock videos posted of the awesome authors I saw at the Portland Festival two weekends ago.
  • Interviewing illustrator Sue Hendra this Friday.
  • This weekend I'll be driving Grammarella to Seattle's Bookfest to read punctuation auras during Martha Brockenbrough's fest appearance. Maybe some photos or youtubies of that.
  • Next week maybe an interview Eoin Colfer for Bound! Or, if not a real interview, I'll be in the audience during his Seattle appearance for the new Hitchhiker's Guide book. It is at times like these I mourn the fact I don't own a robe.

Is it too early to geek out about the 2010 Moleskine planners? Molesie, you had me at January.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Petition for Ben Watson to blog again soon and movies to watch while we wait and do our work

It has been almost a MONTH since Ben or Amy blogged at I, uh, think I killed my muse. And all the fun and sparkle has gone out of the blogosphere for me. Like going to Disney's Country Bear Jamboree without the country bears:

So I say go leave him a comment. And while we wait for him to blog again (maybe because he is WRITING?!?! In which case we can wait another month) I hope YOU are all working like I have been working.

And when I think I'll never draw a cityscape in proper perspective and am ready to stick a fork in my eye or drawing hand, here are some movies I suggest for building up your pluck:

The Julia portion of Julie/Julia made me cry and is perfect for authors/illustrators questing for their first book.

Invincible with Mark Wahlberg. Although I am not a football fan, I am an Eagles fan. Even without the Eagles I think I would have LOVED this movie. If only we had a session on tackling at SCBWI conferences.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love Halloweenie!

We realllly need a new shower curtain. While at Target I found myself being magnetically drawn to their Halloween section.

You guys! So much cool stuff to get your creep on with:

For my favorite tubers (maybe he can be your Spudward Cullen?)

For the lady who wouldn't stop talking about feet last night

For my favorite bartender

For one of the three people I know that actually loves candy corn

For Laurie who is into eyeballs and possibly bats

I am knuckling? ankling? sitting? down for the next few weeks and probably won't be posting much. Maybe elsewhere... but I will clue you in on that later!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Marla and Liz are Dear Geniuses

Today is a good day to read a truly beautiful book and do some reflecting about our amazing world and all the peace and love we hope it contains.

Marla Frazee
and Liz Garton Scanlon have an interview up at the impossibly incredible 7-Imps blog.

Here is a quote from Marla's 7-Imp interview that should be tattooed on the backside of anyone who wants to be a children's book illustrator (I don't even have my ears pierced yet, so getting a tattoo is going to take a lot of gin or a hit upside the head with a shovel, but if ever I get a tattoo it will be of this):

I assume that the child reading a picture book is not yet a reader of words, and so they still have the remarkable gift of being an expert picture-reader. This seems to me to be one of the few skills we possess as children and then lose as we age. It makes the picture book audience the most discerning, observant, critical, and appreciative group that we illustrators will ever have the privilege of serving. Imagine playing a violin in front of world-class violinists. When we illustrate a picture book, we are drawing pictures for an audience of picture-reading virtuosos. If it doesn’t scare and humble us as illustrators, then we aren’t paying enough attention to what these pre-readers are able to see.
I haven't seen Liz's blog before and am so excited. This is almost as good as Christmas. And here is a place I would love to visit everyday:

Marla always knocks my socks off and then she goes and knocks my socks' socks off.

Before I saw this interview I was just going to ask if any of you love this book:

Because I'm thinking of reading a little bit of it every night kind of like the Bible (sorry to be such a heathen.)

Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi are coming to town!

Yes! To sign and show off THE WYRM KING, Book 3 in the BEYOND THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES tour.

Lake Forest Park is the first stop on Monday, the 14th:

September 14th, at 7:00 pm

Third Place Books

17171 Bothell Way NE
Seattle, WA 98155

And rocking in Redmond on Tuesday, the 15th:

September 15th, at 7:00 pm

BORDERS (Redmond Town Center)
16549 NE 74th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

How cool to have BOTH the author and illustrator on tour together!

Remember, Holly was just at the SCBWI LA Conference, see all the Holly related posts here. Tony's website has lots of wonderful hidden bits and bobs if you haven't checked it out recently.

Grab all you Spiderwick Chronicles, the new GEEKTASTIC, THE SPIDER AND THE FLY...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Competition for my dream job from another BLOODY SPECIES

Click on it to see the perfectly adorable nostrils


Bugs, apparently, are getting into the illustration game. Look at this well-crafted illustration of a face on a hollyhock leaf. And apparently, PLANTS, are helping out the bugs by choosing to highlight their artwork with jaunty branching. Look at this product placement:

Excuse me, NATURE, but when have you ever shown off one of my acrylic paintings?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

these guys are blowing my mind and a hummus question

I kind of forgot to eat lunch today and just ransacked the kitchen for a semi-healthy snack -- hummus shouldn't taste CARBONATED -- should it? You know what to tell the ER if you don't see me tomorrow, or maybe it is because I asked an author this question:


Oh man, I saw this duo at lines and colors and I'm absolutely smitten. Plus this is a completely fabulous comic for authors:

Read it all HERE now.

Another image from their blog, teetering bulb:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What are you doing HERE? Get over to Kirby's blarg!

Kirby Larson
has two posts up on her blog with her panel of my heroes and heroines, including Linus's dad.

Here's the latest one Snips and Snails Sugar and Spice

and the first post Boys Will Be Boys, But Will They Be Readers which also includes quick bios of the panelists.

I've been working on a picture book idear with three brothers as the protagonists doing something boys apparently don't do, so besides Kirby's panel being of interest to everyone in children's books, I'm reading it for purely selfish reasons as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I would like to celebrate this holiday

A very little thing to cheer us up after losing some great people this week.

S'more day - tomorrow and the next two days

at Theo Chocolate Factory. They have ice cream right now, too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Karla Kuskin

I'm so sorry to have seen this today at the Chinook blog, which links to the NYT obituary.

Her sketches were up at Secret Garden Books the last time I was there, not sure if they are still up. I didn't know Karla, but am a big fan of her work. She lived here for the last few years and it was just nice knowing someone like that was in town. My sincere condolences to all her friends and family. She is loved and remembered by many readers especially for:

This book

And this great book of poetry

And this sweet spread from CITY DOG