Monday, January 26, 2009

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! The Caldecotts are up!

No offense, but I'm glad a non-David finally won!

And I haven't even seen this book in the flesh yet, but I love the cover and look forward to the rest. Congrats to Beth Krommes.

Honors to the wonderful Uri Shulevitz and fantastic Melissa Sweet, two all-time faves of mine.


Best of all:


Great, great, great news for an amazing illustrator and story teller. I wish I had pneumatic tubing to zoom her some celebratory cupcakes! I'm so pleased.

Nice list of most of the past Caldecott winners and honors here. Didn't see Denise Fleming's name in that list, but she got an Honor for IN THE SMALL, SMALL POND in '98.

Right, and there's this other big book award, the Nudeberry, I think? Haven't finished THE GRAVEYARD BOOK yet, but enjoyed it so far. A standard looking press release of info here.

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johanna said...

Yahoo! I was super excited about the Marla Frazee book, too! Yay!