Friday, January 30, 2009

Keeping the blarg blob at bay.

Instead of letting the blarg blob take hold of me today I will practice some POSITIVE THINKING.

I will have high hopes for today. Started a new clean paint palette sheet, thanks to my cat. Will probably finish something I've been working on for the shop or else set it on fire (fire is positive - fire is awesome!) Look forward to seeing friends from high school tonight -- some in roller skates. And I had a good run this morning with Beyoncé and Timbaland.

Inside Story
stuff and taxes have also got to be done today and I'd really like to bake something.

On Monday I passed a little, personal goal and bought myself some pink tulips (instead of a cupcake) and they are still alive. I saw something tulip-like poking out of the ground as I ran past neighbors' houses this morning. Where in the godness of ass did the winter go? I can't believe it is already getting close to spring.


Kjersten said...

I just finished those pesky taxes. yucky. Good luck.

-karen ann. said...

congratulations for meeting a personal goal AND rewarding yourself with tulips.

i know. spring is on it's way hurrah, hooray!

-karen ann. said...

p.s. what is a blarg blob, for godness sakes?

CocoaStomp said...

The Blarg Blob is whatever bad juju moment/feeling you get in the morning that could prevent you from having a productive, good day. I like to say Blarg when I'm frustrated. Or Balls. But I didn't think this was an appropriate place to draw a Balls Blob and went with a mud and frog based interpretation of Blarg.

Knock on wood, taxes were done correctly! I spoke with a tax man on the phone and he was super helpful and excellent at talking me through combined excise taxes.

Kirby Larson said...


I highly, highly recommend marrying an accountant. As long as you don't mind talking Turbo Tax and reading the Tax Code aloud on the occasional cold evening, it works out really, really well.