Thursday, January 22, 2009

Power Outage and the Glad Game

Please note: this is not my whine-hole talking. I'm just relating.

Here is what I looked like last night. The electrician's quote of one hour without power extended to three or so. I had worked in Antlandia by candlelight until the sun went down and my little dead heater went stone cold and my iPod, which had been playing the Librivox version of Pollyanna, died.

I didn't feel like leaving and spending money anywhere and truly believed the power would come back on at any moment, so we tried playing the glad game and thinking quietly which is free. Our house is naturally cave like so it is VERY dark without any light. And no heat -- Logan and I snuggled in bed for probably an hour and tried to be glad or have deep thoughts. Bebop must have been at the neighbor's drinking gin and watching tv in his underwear. Rotten bastard.

One Glad Game gladness: I'm glad the ants that are plaguing me are not the ants from the latest Indiana Jones movie that can carry off a human being or climb on each other and reach into trees.

Second Glad Game gladness: How much I LOVE ELECTRICITY! Might go rent the Electric Company today or keep all the lights on and the heat up and all appliances on.

Only Deep Thought: While the power was off one thing Logan and I were both surprised by (here comes a telling indicator of my contractor skills) is that the toilet still flushes without power. If you can find the toilet in the dark -- it still works -- isn't that great?

Not sure why I thought it was powered by electricity, but it is hard to believe a little handle can create such a great whoosh of water. A plumber I will never be. Off to see what a painting made by candlelight looks like!


holly cupala said...

Eeek! That toilet is freaky. I'm glad for good friends and funny blogs to read.

-karen ann. said...

did you know that you can see the first ever toilet, designed by thomas crapper (i kid you not) on the underground seattle tour?

the dynamics of how the toilet works are obvious in this example of toilet technology: gravity and pressure! now, that is all i know about toilets. the end!

CocoaStomp said...

I HAVE been on the Seattle Underground Tour (sans Scooby.) I love the sea level issue with Seattle toilets exploding when the tide came in. I just thought since everything was digital that toilets were now, too.

Should have credited that crazy toity pic which I found via Google/Seattle Weekly. For all we know that may be a Seattle based face toilet. A foilet.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ah, make me laugh. And laughing is what I need right now.

johanna said...

Wow, toilet technology! Who knew? Well, I guess plenty of people, plumbers and such, but not me!

Also..have you tried the clear goo stuff that kills little ants, TERRO? We had the worst time with ants FOREVER, until we started using it. They swarm these little dabs of goo that you put around, (scary and icky..) After that they come to your sink looking for water (sad and icky.)..but soon after, they're gone for long periods. Go-go TERRO! (Insert picture of me holding up a little bottle and winking knowingly..)

Suzanne Williams said...

I'm glad you have electricity again. Love the toilet pic!