Friday, January 9, 2009

Tool of the trade: Free Paint Sample Sheet from Golden

I'm trying to stay off the computer today for many reasons -- in the last stages of rereredoing dummy sketches and because our house is getting worked on some more. We are actually getting a wall built today before we start demolishing everything else in our basement. Here's to keeping electricity and water going. Although, I'd gladly share my utilities with all the people in our region that have lost so much with the flooding. Yes, I am wearing my 'be grateful, not a whine-hole' t-shirt today.

So a bookmark tutorial is still coming when I have more computer time, but for now I pilfered this tool of the trade from Aaron:

Maybe this is what you get in art school, bless you all, but I didn't know about this and think it is cool. And free. Go to the Golden Acrylics website's customer service page and they'll mail you for FREE a bunch of hand painted paint sampling sheets.

The folder you get includes a heavy sales pitch for their new paint product called 'Open Acrylics.' Open Acrylics stay wet longer and would appeal to location painters, but I don't mind the hard sell at all.

What I really like besides the hand painted paint samples (someone named Bob painted mine?) is the Color Mixing Guide. I make mixing guides myself, but the way they've laid out the paint to paint ratio is really helpful -- I have little pencilled notes on my color mixing guide and I think what Golden has done is much more enlightening.

And there's a whole folder explaining the difference between all the gels and mediums, the difference between titanium and zinc white, a newsletter of interviews with acrylic painters, and a newsletter explaining digitial grounds and why you should varnish your inkjet or giclee prints.

I think some of the color samples might be fun for novelists to have if you are looking for new words to describe colors or settings, but they are especially fun for people who want, but can't afford to buy every paint color and could use some real painted swatches to plan their purchases around.

Is this really a tool or does everyone already know about this? Did I miss the boat? And are there other paint companies like Windsor and Newton that do this for watercolors or gouache? Let me know or I'll try to look into it, too, because I like me some free stuff.

Speaking of free and cool, did you see that Betsy Bird got interviewed on Just One More Book, the awesome free kid book podcast?


Kjersten said...

Oh my gosh, Jaime. You rock my world. I totally didn't know about this. This seems so incredibly helpful. As a collage/paper person I can kind of be an idiot with the subtleties of paint. But I use it all the time (I paint the paper, then cut stuff out of it). So this helps a lot. I'm going to give this a try very soon. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!

holly cupala said...

Oooh, neat. I loooove Golden paints.

kim baker said...

Writers don't get cool tools like this! Man, I need to switch teams.