Friday, January 16, 2009

A Week of Technical Difficulties

Dear CocoaStompers,

I have 3 minutes before the jackhammers and swearing starts. No, not because my Nana is arriving, but the guys who've been refinishing our basement and ripping out our Miami Vice toity and tub, etc. will be here.

It has been hard to be on a computer during the day. Or actually in the house at all (I de-anted the art studio and new ones were falling on my art desk within minutes and it is just too freaky to work in a place with ants falling on your head.) I hoped to get back on the blog horse for next week, but I might be helping the electrician and I'm not sure you want to read a post about knob and tube wiring.

Good news is my favorite coffee shop has found a reason for me to fall in love with them ALL over again: soup! They serve lunch now. I had the best soup there yesterday and made fun progress on some thumbnail dummy sketches. So I might be hunkering down there when not on knob and tube duty (does that sound dirty or is it just me?)

While I can post I just want to say welcome to a brand new blog, I, Chihuahua, by a dear friend who made the


Karen made this and it looks crazy professional. Lovely, deep colors and shiny paper. I hope she posts a wrapping paper tutorial on her new blog soon. If you can't tell, her boy, Maximo, is the slightly swarthier one with a floppy ear while her girl, Lulu, has two pointy-up ears and no love handles.

Wagging Tales and I are racing to showcase it. I think we actually might have different colors of paper so I hope Kim posts hers as well.

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Cuppa Jolie said...

Could we please live closer to each other so we could take turns meeting at our favorite coffee houses? Please? I love me a coffee house that not only serves good coffee but good soup (oh, and fresh baked bread).