Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WhatNot to wear and HAPPY OBAMA DAY!

I read somewhere that they are NOT currently doing this at the FAO Schwarz flagship, but maybe some nice New Yorker will tell me if that is true.

This is what my Muppet WhatNot would look like. What about yours??? Go have fun and make one.

This morning I've been prepping some info for SCBWI WWA's first ever illustrator studio tour! I'm so excited to see some great artists in action.

Inauguration watching and computer working is happening amid the hammering, nailing , drilling and electrifying of our house. Soon I'll be in my shed with a large hat or hoodie on and covered coffee mug. It is a half-dozen sort of situation – the contractors aren't icky, just noisy. And the ants aren't noisy, just icky.


johanna said...

Icky ants and noisy contractors, doh! The illustrator studio tour sounds so fun!

Kjersten said...

Oh my gosh I'm so going to stay up even later and waste even more time when I should be sleeping or working and go make a muppet. You are awesome for posting this Jaime.

Ali said...

I just made one and she didn't look half as cool and goofy as yours:-(