Monday, February 9, 2009

A Little Blog Hiatus

Hi CocoaStompers!

Just a note that the blog and etsy shop will be on hiatus for a while. Probably until late April. I'll miss you!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things we cannot do to our dog

Aaron found this last night and I hurt my shoulder laughing so hard. The first contestant is the best and cutest for obvious reasons.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I love Martha

All Marthas really.

But especially Martha Brockenbrough and Nacho Night.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning to Wander

I'm taking a class today taught and surrounded by my personal heroes. Deciding what dish I could bring (worthy of feeding heroes) to the potluck portion has been so difficult that I've now run out of time to cook something nice and will probably just bring fruit. I do have a whipped cream dispenser. That will maybe redeem things.

Julie Larios is teaching us how to Flaneur. I am terrified that we'll have to share things today. That's a bad attitude, I know. Plus it could be worse: When I told Aaron I was taking a class to learn to Flaneur he thought I said Branler and looked at me very strangely. You can look up the French translation.

Julie asked us to get a special notebook for the class. She calls hers her Drift Record, like her blog. I am calling mine Non-Deep Thoughts. I forgot to buy a new notebook so I took some pages out of one I started already.

The pages I ripped out were:
plans for my art shed,
Week One of Anastasia Suen's Picture Writing Course (whoops)
old notes from an SCBWI AdCom planning meeting
a list of things I'd like to draw (cupcakes and pancakes are mentioned)
a journal entry entitled "World Domination" which ends with a note to "Not eat bad snacks when I get coffee at a cafe"

I've been wanting to bake lately and am pretty lonely during the day. I have not been watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but have been thinking about how nice it would be if the bag of flour in my kitchen could talk to me. I suppose if my teapot sounded like Angela Lansbury that would be okay, too.

Maybe I still have time to bake some biscuits before the class and pick up some strawberries. How do you feel about your spatula talking back to you?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl of Tea and Soccer

Aaron and I are still worn out from our weekend of insulation installation. We also gave the dog a bath this morning* and the cat a nail trim, so all residents of Temairika/Hedquistville are emotionally or physically exhausted.

We do not, this year at least, care a sniff about the Super Bowl (we do have some Super Bowl snacks, though.) Instead I've been reading a delightful new book, The Teashop Girls, while occasionally watching some Tivoed Liverpool vs. Chelsea with Aaron and Logan (it was snowing in Liverpool!)

In case you want to know more about The Teashop Girls:

First off, the book has great interior spots by SuJean Rim of Daily Candy fame.

Second, there are recipes in the book! Third, the book is thoughtfully designed and detailed -- besides the spots and recipes there are also great, great tea quotes at the start of every chapter, cute lists from the main character or the main character's notes about the history of tea, and a fresh element I have not seen in any other tween/teen book -- scans of old tea ads and ephemera.

It is a sweet story with non-edgy (but still sassy) teens, first in the series. I'm about half way through, but am enjoying it immensely so far. The only problem is I keep looking back to the first recipe in the book of gingerbread cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting. Not sure I can read any more of the dang thing without baking up the cuppers and brewing up some tea.

My secret hope is that the rest of the series has some mystery element to it, but that is only my inner Marple talking. The author, Laura Schaefer, has a tea-riffic (zing!) blog. If she comes to Seattle I hope I run into her at Queen Mary.

* Um, Logan is the biggest wimpy baby when it comes to taking a bath. He becomes dead weight when lifting or slipperier than an eel when trying to corral. Normally, once in the bath, he acts like he is being slowly murdered. But today we discovered that if you constantly feed him doggie snacks he will constantly eat them, even the snacks he usually spits out. And if you feed him while drying him with a super sonic hair dryer he will even wag his tail a little. I think he might be an emotional eater.