Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning to Wander

I'm taking a class today taught and surrounded by my personal heroes. Deciding what dish I could bring (worthy of feeding heroes) to the potluck portion has been so difficult that I've now run out of time to cook something nice and will probably just bring fruit. I do have a whipped cream dispenser. That will maybe redeem things.

Julie Larios is teaching us how to Flaneur. I am terrified that we'll have to share things today. That's a bad attitude, I know. Plus it could be worse: When I told Aaron I was taking a class to learn to Flaneur he thought I said Branler and looked at me very strangely. You can look up the French translation.

Julie asked us to get a special notebook for the class. She calls hers her Drift Record, like her blog. I am calling mine Non-Deep Thoughts. I forgot to buy a new notebook so I took some pages out of one I started already.

The pages I ripped out were:
plans for my art shed,
Week One of Anastasia Suen's Picture Writing Course (whoops)
old notes from an SCBWI AdCom planning meeting
a list of things I'd like to draw (cupcakes and pancakes are mentioned)
a journal entry entitled "World Domination" which ends with a note to "Not eat bad snacks when I get coffee at a cafe"

I've been wanting to bake lately and am pretty lonely during the day. I have not been watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but have been thinking about how nice it would be if the bag of flour in my kitchen could talk to me. I suppose if my teapot sounded like Angela Lansbury that would be okay, too.

Maybe I still have time to bake some biscuits before the class and pick up some strawberries. How do you feel about your spatula talking back to you?


johanna said...

I've been known to have a conversation or two with a spatula. Not to mention the dishwasher, which makes enough noise to feel like we're having a heated discussion. Good luck with your class, you'll be great!

CocoaStomp said...

I ended up buying and bringing a dozen cupcakes. Everything else was healthy and wholesome and sugar-free so that was good. A lunch so healthy in fact, that no one chose the lone carrot cake cupcake. Everyone went for the really naughty looking ones.