Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Can Haz Good Grammer!

Today is not only a date, but an imperative: March forth! Happy Grammar Day!

Big brain and wonderful friend, Martha Brockenbrough, has not only been in a plane with the Jonas Brothers, but has also started her own holiday.

Feeling a bit Rushmore -- like you need to join a club? Or perhaps your grammar is a bit rusty?

Well, Martha can help you out on both points:

Join SPOGG right now. You get a cool membership card and can start reading the SPOGG blog.

Get her new book, Things That Make Us [Sic]. Be honest, we all could use some grammar help and why not laugh your pants off while you learn?

Today, drink a grammartini or eat some chocolate covered grammar crackers and learn when to use 'lay' or 'lie'.

Points for finding my grammar mistakes in this post.


-karen ann. said...

oh, i suc at grammar. thank god for martha and things that make us sic. happy grammar day to you too!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

:-) Happy Grammar Day, friends! When's cupcake day?