Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poaching Happiness

My Nana's friends threw me a bridal shower in lovely historic Snohomish a few weeks ago. The median age was 80, but they have more energy, vim and vigor than most people I know.
And there was some swearing!

The shower was truly splendid. A luncheon and a little vase of spring flowers by my place setting. And kitchen-themed presents! Each present consisted of a recipe with its accompanying crockery or ingredients. I'm now the proud owner of many new pans, bowls, and containers of cocoa and look forward to making ALL the recipes both sweet and savory.

My aunt's present, however, has changed our world. She got us the Eggbot 3000. Okay, Gourmet Egg Cooker 810 is its street name. I've been having a perfectly poached egg EVERY day since I got it. It is adorable, easy to clean, and on my diet. I'm the kind of person that gets very down in the winter. The Good Mood Diet I've been following has you eat an egg every day. No joke, I can feel a difference in my mood if I don't eat an egg. And now I have a little egg butler to do all the cooking for me!


Jennifer Mann said...

Now you need chickens! Ask me, they are awesome!

CocoaStomp said...

I would love to have chickens! So would my cat.

Traci said...

I love the drawing!! (And I want chickens, too!!!)