Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Heart Elizabeth Parisi

The art director at the 18th SCBWI WWA Annual Conference was Scholastic's very own crazy lovely Executive Art Director, Elizabeth Parisi. Elizabeth oversees all the Scholastic hardcover trade imprints (except Blue Sky) and has a staff of 3 designers. Together they design something like 150 books or so a year?!? And she is responsible for so many beautiful Scholastic covers...

And I could list them all if I hadn't been late to her session because of a consultation appointment. AND if Elizabeth hadn't made me pee my pants upon entering the session because she did something so totally awesome:

It is hard to see, but these covers are actually from the dummies she received from us conference attendees that she had consultations with. This LADY, who is reading every manuscript she receives for work AND overseeing 150 books AND traveling across the country AND critiquing our dummies AND hosting this session went and scanned art from our dummies, added color to them, added type, AND created freaking COVERS for our dummies for her talk on 'What Makes A Good Cover.'

My THE BUNS MAKE DINNER is hiding in the upper left corner. Jen's Grand Prize winning art is in the lower right corner.

My consultation with Elizabeth was the next morning and she had printed out the practice cover she made and gave it to me! >Squeal!< Elizabeth gave me great, great feedback on my dummy which I am hoping to jump on this week.

I have a new children's book industry crush and it is Elizabeth Parisi. I'm sure I'm not alone.

**** Late breaking update to this post****
I'm such a dork! Awesome illustrator Kjersten ALSO has her dummy cover mocked-up up there, the adorable armadillo, crow and opossum are top center.


Cuppa Jolie said...

So cool, Jaime! I didn't know she did that. I want to see it the next time I head over there.

-karen ann. said...

darn! i wish i had done the covers session, but there were so many so many great choices! i love your recap of conference highlights. you are a blogger extraordinaire and i have a crush on cocoastomp.

Kim Baker said...

She was telling me about that after the conference, and I'm sorry I missed it! Bring your cover to crit group, please!

Jennifer Mann said...

You know, I thought I just dreamed the whole thing up. But here it is, in technicolor...! That was without a doubt the most hands-on breakout session I have ever been to. And a thrill, needless to say. What a gift to the buns who scrambled their dummies together in time to submit them to Elizabeth!
I love your blog, chompoblog.

Kjersten said...

I know, she kicked butt, right! That was totally a highlight of the conference for me too.

Justina Chen Headley said...

I have to tell you: I've been a longtime Elizabeth Parisi fan and I'm not even an illustrator! Really, every single book I've fallen in love with from Scholastic has Elizabeth all over it. She oozes talent and grace.