Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If only a subscription came with butterHorns

A sweet Christmas present from my now husband was a subscription to The Horn Book. I think the new issue will be one of my top five issues ever (and I have my mom's collection from the eighties on.) I might build this issue a little bed and tuck it in every night and give it bread and jam for breakfast every morning. Because much of this issue has to do with food. And it has Linda Sue Park, an article about Joan Aiken written by her daughter, and they picked, dare I say it, one of my top-5 favorite children's book characters to be on the cover (which is a much higher rating than #23 according to Betsy's poll.)

Plus the back page is an illustration by Melissa Sweet. How could a magazine be more wonderful? Only if it came with cookies. Excuse me, Mr. Sutton, but could you look into that?


Kim Baker said...

The Horn Book is fantastic. It's not cheap, but it's SO worth it.

And if you ever get tired of all those back issues, well, I'm your girl. ;)

-karen ann. said...

i used to subscribe (a gift from my mother in law!) but the sub lapsed. now i'll resubscribe. thanks for the reminder of a great publication!

BJW said...

I loved Bedtime For Frances. I had forgotten about it until I saw your post. Thanks for reminding me.