Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Willamina Wonkas of the West

Two of my favorite ladies, Jolie and Holly, got our bums in gear this winter with their patented Revision Spanking Licorice Whip™. And luckily, they have canoodled together again THIS TIME WITH CANDY LETTERED LOGO!

How can you say no to this? For those of you going to the LA Conference you have about 10 weeks to get whatever you've got in proper shape for a consultation or review. Or you may have decided to take advantage of the extra hours of summer sunshine and go DiCamillo on your children's book's patoot and work on it at 4:30 am every morning. Or maybe you just need a purpose for the summer more fulfilling than a lovely tan or sampling every ice cream flavor at Molly Moon's in alphabetical order.

Whatever the reason, watch Brimstone Soup and CuppaJolie for the details on how to participate and join me in thanking them for being so industrious on a long holiday weekend.


BJW said...

Hey I flipped (no I didn't I clicked) through your older blogs and finally found a picture of your lab. It was an action shot in the snow. Do you have others? And what is her/his name? I'm betting something good.

CocoaStomp said...

Our pooch is named Logan. He came with that name and he wouldn't come to any of the names I wanted to call him. He doesn't like to pee in the rain so we often call him Queen Elizabeth.

We got Logan when he was 2 and he is about 85 pounds but thinks he is chihuahua sized. He tries to french kiss most of the people that visit our house. I'm afraid to show him your blog -- I think he will want his own quilt!

BJW said...

Ha, Queen Elizabeth. We call Linus many names depending, but the only one I can probably say here is muffin ass.

Linus is a good french kisser too. Logan and him would get along great. I had a roommate in college named Logan. He could eat an apple until there was the smallest little ball of seeds left. It was amazing. And he had a humungous head and a really pretty mom. We teased him about both.

Logan sounds like a great dog. I love that he won't pee in the rain. How's the writing/revision going? Ok here, yesterday was much better than today though. Good luck! (Hi Logan)

BJW said...

Hey Jaime, when did you attend the PNW writer's conference?