Monday, June 22, 2009

Cartooning Class with Randy Wood at Pratt in Seattle

Just enjoying a cloudy Monday after spending all of Saturday and Sunday learning about comics at Pratt in Seattle!

The class was taught by Randy Wood, a super nice guy that knows great things about comics and is a natural teacher. I usually hate drawing in class (and I haven't been feeling well), but Randy made drawing together downright enjoyable and our 8 hours each day flew by.

Besides Randy it was all ladies, something I did not expect. A very small class, too, which is always awesome. We started each morning by warming up with some Exquisite Corpse drawings or later in the day with comics jams. When we weren't talking about cats or coffee we were talking about comics and it was so much fun.

The first exercise we did was simple mark making -- thumbprints! And trying to come up with characters in as few lines as possible using our thumbprints. I apparently forgot the 'few lines as possible' part. But whatever, it was totaallly a blast. I want to do thumbprints everyday. I think Ed Emberley should get us back on the thumbprint picture book train, too, for heaven's sake.

So here was the big sheet of paper that I made thumb prints on. And from there the class got going and I will tell you to just go ahead and sign up for Randy's class if you want to know more, but for example:

And as long as you all know what SKETCHES are, here is a sketch of a comic that came out of some of the thumbprints. If you take Randy's class you will be able to point out all the mistakes I made in layout, composition, choice of moment/image, and speech bubbles/lettering. I know, I have the handwriting of an 8th grade boy.

Tomorrow I'll share something from the class that made me positively ecstatic about art.


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Poor Tom Thumb. Sounds like a great class. I wonder if Randy Wood ever got teased for his name, or if I am just a mean dirtybird. Because if he did get teased, it would explain his funny.

Barfa Brockenbrough

BJW said...

HA! Martha just made me snort.

Awesome thumbprint comics. Love em. Though if you have the handwriting of an 8th grade boy you could have your Effeminator title revoked like what's her beauty pagent-tess.

I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow to find out what made you positively ecstatic about art. Guess I'll have to. Great hook, by the way.

-karen ann. said...

i've been waiting for my vicarious experience of the comics class. and here its is at last.

those thumbprint drawings are delightfully disorienting and cool.

Randy Wood said...

Just read this - what a nice review, thank you! I love how you made the thumbprints into a comic!

Chris Wood said...

It's just you Martha! That was before Austin Powers - the first time we found out what "randy" meant was when British actress Louise Jameson giggled after he asked her for an autograph.

Yeah that's Randy, coffee, cats and comics