Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Early birds on Etsy!

Hi! I was afraid I would make a mistake and went ahead and added the Kitchenette items to my etsy shop.

Original paintings plus recipe cards and note cards are up now, enjoy!


BJW said...

Welcome to Canada Mario Beartali!

And note cards as well!

We are now the proud owners of original Jaime Temarik artwork. You may all now be envious. : )

BJW said...

I meant Temairik.. Duh

Ali said...

I love your new stuff Jaime!

CocoaStomp said...

Hey Ben!

Mario is so excited. He just smashed some bottles around and flamb├ęd a chicken. We both say thank you.

Points for attempting to spell any of my names -- that is why we called it CocoaStomp!

Danke, Ali!

BJW said...

THANK YOU!! Amy, Linus and I are very excited to add to our growing original artwork collection. Especially your work!