Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ecstatic about: Johanna Wright

Oh balls, I was not online much yesterday, but am so glad I checked in at 7 Impossibles this morning to see a new friend get a big shiny shout out!

With lots of sneaky peeks. We are the proud owners of a Johanna BW watercolor from her Etsy shop and The Secret Circus book. I hope all of her picture book spines are the same color so I can group them together on my bookshelves...maybe I should write a letter to her publishers, they have time for such requests, right?

Here's Johanna signing books at the last Inside Story (this is also after my dog tried to french kiss her. She looks remarkably poised post-slobber invasion, don't you think?)


johanna said...

Thank for all of this lovin! You are deee best!

BJW said...

Yeah she doesn't look like she just french kissed a dog at all. She's barely even smiling. Isn't that what all people do when they get such an honor?

Actually she does look like she's smiling. Good sport! and good illustrator. I especially like her avatar/bio autobiographical pic. Love it.

Jamie, err, Effeminator, you've created a monster (me). I'm dubbing people left and right. (ok twice). Thanks.
: )

BJW said...

You're lucky to have her original artwork! I looked at her Etsy shop and was blown away by how affordable her art is. Talk about tempting!

holly cupala said...

Oh my, her art is absolutely charming. So is she!