Thursday, June 18, 2009

New, big, fashion book make Hulk HAPPY!

Some good news from the last few weeks:

(Hopefully Jim won't de-Friend me for making the Hulk girly.)

Sara Easterly's ArtLab: Fashion Studio is hopefully being released in a new format -- bigger, better, with new bangs and whistles! The good people at SmartLab had me do a few more illustrations for one of the add-ons to the kit.

Here's one of the new outfits and a spot, the new kit comes with markers in addition to colored pencils which is trés chic!


Kirby Larson said...

Is that Logan up in the upper corner? I always knew he had terrific fashion sense.

BJW said...

I took your suggestion Jaime and here's your brainchild, alive and kicking:

I was going to steal your hulk off your blog, but didn't want to steal. : )

Very cool pics (even your hulk). Cheers!

PS I really think I need to get my wife some of your kitchenette line after the 23rd.

CocoaStomp said...

Oh, Kirby, that is (I think sadly deceased) the office secretary dog at becker&mayer!. She was on Evening Magazine a few years ago, but the link to the video isn't there.

Ben! I'm so proud to be the Effeminator! Thank you, thank you, kind sir.