Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Projectile Crafting

We need storage in our house. Aaron's dad made us a beautiful dresser for our wedding present, so that meant we could get rid of our old one. I've always hated Aaron's IKEA dresser, but rather than chuck it...

One IKEA dresser + Lena Corwin's book = stylish art supplies storage!

In Lena's book she uses a nice, solid wood dresser and contact paper stencils. I assume real wood takes primer and paint MUCH better than IKEA veneer. But I am the only one who will use this dresser, not rodeo clowns, so there shouldn't be much wear and tear.

Used some Saral paper to transfer my drawing to the spiffy contact paper. And then cut out the contact paper with my little scissors or the very comfortable Martha Stewart X-acto.

As the stencils were cut I would tape them to the dresser front and adjust their positions.

Sticking the contact paper to the dresser was a little maddening, but you'll survive. I didn't tape the drawers together like Lena suggests, I just kept them all shut.

If I did this again I would buy real, wooden furniture and do some research on traditional papercutting, consider mirroring the images, or just go ahead and use Lena's stencils.

But I do love my dresser even if it is a little dorky. Logan and Bebop are on it! My mustachioed radish I've been doodling for two years is on it. An angry piggy is on it. And there's an acorn juggling squirrel on it and a squirrel reading a thriller -- it really is like my sketch book vomited all over a piece of furniture...

Lena's book, Printing By Hand, has other awesome projects in it. I also realized this winter that it is the same Lena Corwin whose wedding was my favorite wedding profiled in all the Martha Stewart Weddings. And she has a blog (with a buttload of France photos including L'as du Falafel! So jealous.) She is just all kinds of awesome.


-karen ann. said...

dresser of my dreams! how fun. will you be doing the walls next?

Kjersten said...

I want one! That is so cool, Jaime. And I LOVE your cut-outs. Especially the juggling squirrel. Thanks for posting this awesome project.

Ali said...

You are so cool!!

BJW said...

Clever clever. Ikea NEVER looked so good. I love it.

"it really is like my sketchbook vomited all over a piece of furniture..."

Ha, you're funny. Shoot, wish my sketchbook or journal could vomit like that.

CocoaStomp said...

Contact stencils are super fun. I'm recommending everybody stencil something this summer.

The stencils in Lena's book remind me of lovely folk art and Julie Paschkis, so that's pretty awesome right there.

Kim Baker said...

You don't need it for art supplies, I need it for writing supplies. Will you drop it off at my house, or do I need to pick it up?

I LOVE Logan. And that Printing by Hand book is really inspiring.