Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks, Ben!

Luckily I haven't gotten new biz cards printed yet because I have been dubbed The Effeminator by Ben Watson! Looking forward to future Dub Saturdays.

With my new honor, I have Effeminated the cereal Aaron eats:

See the unicorn?

And command you to watch this video clip if you are over 18:


BJW said...

That's awesome. Very funny. It's almost like you had it ready. Like you were reading my mind... Hmm. What am I thinking now Jaime?

Also I can tell that cereal is for Ladies because of the unicorn. Cereal boxes for boys would certainly never have unicorns on them unless the unicorn was impaling something.

I should have dubbed thee funnier than me! : )

-karen ann. said...

i'm a lady! i do ladies' things! like have tea, with my lady friends, and play the harp!