Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Double dose of Vitamin K today

Heat. A 7:45 am doctor's appointment. Sneezing allergy attack. This morning is off to a rough start.

BUT, as I sit and scan over 120 pages of graphic novel sketches (Chapter 11 is starting on page 121, Sara!) this early morning I am going to take two doses of delicious, fortifying Vitamin K -- Kirby Larson interviews Karen Cushman!

Be still my beating heart. Or sneezing nose. Link to interview on Kirby's blog here.

And if all goes well I'll be able to offer you a dose of Vitamin SCBWI next week, a few pre-LA conference interviews with some of the most talented illustrators on the planet.

Yippee! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! The Heat is Talking

I am a big whiny baby today. Oh, Seattle, thou canst commit to cold cold or hot hot temperatures, why dost thou taunt us with a 100 degree day?

Aaron put me, the cat, the dog, and our guest for the week, a puppy, in front of a fan and then spritzed us all with the little spritzer bottle we use on the cat when he's bad.

Relief of the body for 30 seconds. NOT ENOUGH!

Must find relief for the mind. Here are some options to maybe relieve THIS CRAZY HEAT for at least 31 seconds:

LEAVE THE HOUSE -- Go see Benjamin James Watson and Richard Jesse Watson at Secret Garden Books, tonight at 7:00 pm!, for their Ultimate Tuesday series. Richard's art is up in the window, his blog has been rocking, he's the nicest man in Western Washington. Ben has been cracking me up daily at his blog, has a great story in THE BOY WHO WENT APE, is the nicest man in Canada, and will surely wow us with his next book.

ENTER THE MATRIX -- Go ahead, stick the scuzzy cable in your neck, and just pretend you are in your computer. Maybe watch Tron? Or the Tron 2 trailer? OR read another awesome SCBWI TEAM BLOG exclusive interview with Lee Wind and Ellen Hopkins?

SHOP ONLINE AT COCOASTOMP -- Erm, because then there's less of a carbon foot print because I don't use enormous machinery, just a cat. Which is a roundabout way of announcing that all five of the corpulent cooks I just painted, like Mario Beartali to the right, are now available as high quality reproductions (see the Etsy link up to the left!)

And if you buy online instead of going to a store you'll have time to paint your roof and driveway white which will be the equivalent of taking all the world's cars off the road for 11 years.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - Exclusive! Lee Wind Interviews Holly Black

Oui, oui, folks!

Fellow Team Blog Blogger Lee Wind has a smashing interview with Holly Black up at his blog.

I love this glam picture of Holly and Tony at their movie opening!

And to recap some other great interviews that have been posted by fellow Team Blog members (with more to come!):

Suzanne's got some First Time Conference Goers
Paula's got Ingrid Law and Betty G Birney

is always your first place for breaking news about the conference and/or our blogging details as is the SCBWI Conference blog.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If Bread Was My Friend or Is My Friend. I don't know.

Thanks to BloesemKids for the product link below.

Some of you may know I haven't been feeling good since April. This morning has been pretty rotten. All of it has to do with stomach stuff. Two doctor appointments ago I was crying in the doc's office. You think that would speak volumes. But bringing your angry husband to the next appointment seems to kick things into gear. A friend says that doctors don't listen to women like they listen to men and she has a very upsetting example from her own life. I hope these are only isolated incidents or maybe we ALL need to take a friend or loved one to the doctor with us all the time? I don't know. Mini-rant over.

One thing I've been doing to narrow down the list of whatever is going on with me as I get ready to see a specialist is food exclusion diets. These next two weeks are no dairy. But that means I can eat bread again! And if I had known about this earlier I would have made my first foray back into Glutenland with one of these adorable loaves:


I love the packaging! I love the name. I love the blog. Bless you, Irish bakers, and I hope your Granny gets better.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What is beyond AWESOME?

Laini and Jim, obviously, but they are whos.

They gave me and Aaron these for our wedding:

HELLO! Toothbrushing + robot friends = new favorite hobby. I'm sure my pearly whites will be that much shinier now. Thanks yous guys.

I've never noticed this toy company before. So cool. Beyond awesome. Tatiri.

Another thing that is beyond awesome: the LA SCBWI Summer Conference. We are only... 18 or so days a way. A reminder to look to your left to see the SCBWI TEAM BLOG bloggers. Get on the Following band wagon, check out their blogs. And good news -- everyone is on Twitter, now that beyond awesome Lee Wind has joined.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter Tweets! And blogs to visit this sunny Friday

If I have a patron saint, her name is Martha Brockenbrough. Martha was very kind and let me work on a slightly wacky project: fake Tweets for HP 6 movie characters. It is mostly Martha, but she let me do some of the Luna, Slughorn and Hermione posts. For Luna, I just mostly wrote out my thoughts as I went about my normal business. So. That explains the colon/prostate twitter.

In other news:

Kim is back blogging at Wagging Tales.

Betsy is my new favorite mime/ALA reporter.

and Jolie are tempting us with July goals.

Ben is maybe acting out a Hemingway novel this weekend with Linus as Jake Barnes.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mysterious Summer

I have always loved murder and blame this predilection on the fantastic Edward Gorey opening credits animation for Masterpiece Theater/Mystery!.

PBS has since gotten a little too modern and they've screwed with the animation, but I will let it slide as long as they keep showing Agatha Christie inspired shows.

Mysteries are my favorite summer companion.

If you pretend you are 80 like I do and can handle 1.5 hours of period piece British murder while you sip Damson Gin and knit an afghan I hope you are watching PBS on Sunday nights for the next few weeks. I am not quite on board with the new Marple (Geraldine McEwan was perfect) but I do enjoy watching Poirot's mustache. There's a young guy at my grocery store that has the same moustache, but he doesn't seem to be solving any crimes, although I haven't out-and-out asked him... those links above take you to full episodes of the last Marple and Poirot so you can watch online. Nice.

If you want to laugh your patoot off with a bit of mystery, two book series that are fairly bloodless and terrifically funny are the Izzy Spellman books and the Gilda Joyce books.

Lisa Lutz
is totally tubular and taught me how to almost* tail someone I failed because I saw a candy store en route :(

The Spellmans came with me on my honeymoon, they are that wonderful and I love love love each book and am ready for the next.

Gilda Joyce was recommended a long time ago by the fantastic Gayle Richardson. I can't believe these don't get more buzz. Gilda is incredibly hilarious and I'm so glad there are more books in the series to look forward to.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Etsy Shop Update

Ewelia and Wolfie are now available as original paintings in the Etsy shop!

Next Tuesday all these chefs that are comfortable with their anthropomorphic largeness will be available as high quality reproductions.

Bon Appetit!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cheryl Klein's Book Project or does Squiddish = Under Water Quidditch?

Kickstart is something I've never heard of until Laurie linked to it this morning. And the info is all on Cheryl's great blog too. I'm so thrilled she'll be here in November, and what a boon that there will be a leave behind book of her talks!

If you just got paid why not support at the $100 dollar level? She'll send you cookies!!!

Cheryl's post on squids/portfolios has shaped my summer goals -- I wonder if she will have illustrator talk stuff in her book?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ewelia Child and Wolfgang Puck

I will try to get these up on etsy in the next few days even though Ewelia might be my favorite. Thankfully, I have six episodes of Baking with Julia tivoed to keep me company.

Ewelia's button says what Julia's button said (for those of you that are advanced foodies/Julia fans.)

Aaron said the Wolfgang Puck pun was too obvious, but I said so am I.