Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cheryl Klein's Book Project or does Squiddish = Under Water Quidditch?

Kickstart is something I've never heard of until Laurie linked to it this morning. And the info is all on Cheryl's great blog too. I'm so thrilled she'll be here in November, and what a boon that there will be a leave behind book of her talks!

If you just got paid why not support at the $100 dollar level? She'll send you cookies!!!

Cheryl's post on squids/portfolios has shaped my summer goals -- I wonder if she will have illustrator talk stuff in her book?

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BJW said...

I saw this last night and I am definitely in. About a month or more ago I read her speech entitled, "The Essentials of Plot", formerly entitled "Aristotle, Austen, Plot and Pleasure" which she gave to the Missouri Writers Guild conference in Kansas City in April 2006.

It was brilliant and to hear this and many other essays of her writing advice that is going into a book is perfect. And that Cheryl Klein is coming to WWA writing retreat, book in hand, is even cooler. I found all this on her website:

I was so inspired by her speech that I made my parents read it and they were all jazzed too. Very helpful. Thanks Jaime.