Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! The Heat is Talking

I am a big whiny baby today. Oh, Seattle, thou canst commit to cold cold or hot hot temperatures, why dost thou taunt us with a 100 degree day?

Aaron put me, the cat, the dog, and our guest for the week, a puppy, in front of a fan and then spritzed us all with the little spritzer bottle we use on the cat when he's bad.

Relief of the body for 30 seconds. NOT ENOUGH!

Must find relief for the mind. Here are some options to maybe relieve THIS CRAZY HEAT for at least 31 seconds:

LEAVE THE HOUSE -- Go see Benjamin James Watson and Richard Jesse Watson at Secret Garden Books, tonight at 7:00 pm!, for their Ultimate Tuesday series. Richard's art is up in the window, his blog has been rocking, he's the nicest man in Western Washington. Ben has been cracking me up daily at his blog, has a great story in THE BOY WHO WENT APE, is the nicest man in Canada, and will surely wow us with his next book.

ENTER THE MATRIX -- Go ahead, stick the scuzzy cable in your neck, and just pretend you are in your computer. Maybe watch Tron? Or the Tron 2 trailer? OR read another awesome SCBWI TEAM BLOG exclusive interview with Lee Wind and Ellen Hopkins?

SHOP ONLINE AT COCOASTOMP -- Erm, because then there's less of a carbon foot print because I don't use enormous machinery, just a cat. Which is a roundabout way of announcing that all five of the corpulent cooks I just painted, like Mario Beartali to the right, are now available as high quality reproductions (see the Etsy link up to the left!)

And if you buy online instead of going to a store you'll have time to paint your roof and driveway white which will be the equivalent of taking all the world's cars off the road for 11 years.

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1 comment:

BJW said...

A very much belated thank you for putting the word out and for showing up despite faces melting off like the Nazi guy in Raider's of the Lost Ark after they opened the Well of Souls.

It was much appreciated. You are quite sweet and generous behind all that wry wit. You don't fool me.

: )