Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ewelia Child and Wolfgang Puck

I will try to get these up on etsy in the next few days even though Ewelia might be my favorite. Thankfully, I have six episodes of Baking with Julia tivoed to keep me company.

Ewelia's button says what Julia's button said (for those of you that are advanced foodies/Julia fans.)

Aaron said the Wolfgang Puck pun was too obvious, but I said so am I.


holly cupala said...

Those are hilarious! Have you seen the trailer for the Julie-Julia movie? I just saw it on Shelf Elf. Meryl Streep is perfectly cast!

Kirby Larson said...

still waiting for that King Charles Caprial spaniel!

BJW said...

I saw the preview Holly, it looks pretty good. And that's NOT my normal type of movie. Amy wants to see it too.

Kirby your pup is handsome enough to deserve his own chef portrait. If only we knew someone talented enough to pull it off... (see you have to smooth the ego a little and present a challenge) Whoever pulled that off would truly be an artiste.

And what is Winston's favorite five course meal?

Linus' is bacon. Served five times. He also likes seven course meals.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I love the perfect spherical roundness of them. They are all obviously good eaters!

Ali said...

You have to do Gordon RAMsay. Nigella .....HORSE(son). Maybe not.

CocoaStomp said...

Hey Holly! I did see the trailer and am excited, but I wanted to read the book first -- it got weird reviews -- have you read it?

Kirby, I need to spend some quality time with Winston first!

Ben. HEE HAW! Logan's favorite five course meal is chicken carcass, a side of baked goods cooling on the counter and a soup├žon of cat food.

Vicki and Ali -- I also painted Mollie Catzen last night using my cat, Bebop, as a model, but Aaron said the painting looked TOO round and blobby... poor Bebop.

johanna said...

Dude, these are so awesome! I must have one!!!!