Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter Tweets! And blogs to visit this sunny Friday

If I have a patron saint, her name is Martha Brockenbrough. Martha was very kind and let me work on a slightly wacky project: fake Tweets for HP 6 movie characters. It is mostly Martha, but she let me do some of the Luna, Slughorn and Hermione posts. For Luna, I just mostly wrote out my thoughts as I went about my normal business. So. That explains the colon/prostate twitter.

In other news:

Kim is back blogging at Wagging Tales.

Betsy is my new favorite mime/ALA reporter.

and Jolie are tempting us with July goals.

Ben is maybe acting out a Hemingway novel this weekend with Linus as Jake Barnes.

Happy Weekend!


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Lucy says you forgot my devil horns.

Your Luna posts are the best part of the package. And Slughorn's birthday hamper! I just keep saying that line.

BJW said...

Jamie AND Martha teaming up for Harry Potter cleverness. My head just exploded. That is a nuclear level of wry wit concentrated into way too small of a space. And it was awesome.

I want that Mac Airbook. If I ever get another contract, we're getting one.

Linus is humbled by the Jake Barnes reference. Actually he was humbled before but you already know about that.

Hey Jaime, can I steal your neat Martha artwork for a possible "secret" post for Saturday? Just wondering.

Great, great post again Jaime. You are replacing ESPN and CNN as my most-watched news network.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Too funny!

I love your the Martha angel! :)

CocoaStomp said...

Ben, please have at the Martha angel! I will go check if you did something with it already.

BJW said...

thank you Martha, tis done.

BJW said...

I meant Jaime and I meant to spell Jaime before but I was neurotic without sleep. Oops.