Monday, July 20, 2009

What is beyond AWESOME?

Laini and Jim, obviously, but they are whos.

They gave me and Aaron these for our wedding:

HELLO! Toothbrushing + robot friends = new favorite hobby. I'm sure my pearly whites will be that much shinier now. Thanks yous guys.

I've never noticed this toy company before. So cool. Beyond awesome. Tatiri.

Another thing that is beyond awesome: the LA SCBWI Summer Conference. We are only... 18 or so days a way. A reminder to look to your left to see the SCBWI TEAM BLOG bloggers. Get on the Following band wagon, check out their blogs. And good news -- everyone is on Twitter, now that beyond awesome Lee Wind has joined.


Tara said...

I think my boys would love this toy.

BJW said...

I think I would love this toy. Mario Beartali is safe and sound here at home. We love him.

Thank you so much Jaime!