Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hey! Did you know the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market from 2010 is available???

Indeed! And I'm giving a copy of it away thanks to the ever generous and wonderful editor of the CWIM, Alice Pope.

How to enter -- Sign up as a blog follower to the CocoaStomp blog by 9 am PST on Monday, August 24th, 2009. Winner will be chosen from the blog followers at random at 9:01 am PST.

I'll pop the CWIM (and probably a few other treatsies) in the mail at lunch on Monday. And you, too, can experience the thrill of reading a book from the future.

The 2010 CWIM is packed with fantastic articles as all CWIMs are. A few of my favorites in the 2010:
  • Steven Malk's An Agent's Career Outline for Illustrators
  • Laini Taylor's and Jim Di Bartolo's Under One Roof
  • Erzi Deak's interview with Sara Varon
Learn more about the CWIM here.


Vodka Mom said...

I'm in.

BJW said...

So what if we're not a johnny-come-lately, but have been your loyal disciple for years (err months) now? Are we still in the drawer-ing?

Do you take bribes?

word verification: unurnalm (wth?)

Vodka Mom said...

Will the waitress be around with appetizers? Champagne?

CocoaStomp said...

Loyal disciples and new disciples are all in the drawering.

holly cupala said...


My word is: predbbic

As in, I predbbic I will be the winner. (Hee hee.)

BJW said...

Holly is another too-smart member of your "gang," jaime. I think your crew is determined to take over all of children's book publishing. Y'all need a name though. The Seven Sages. Or the Seven Sultry Sages may be more appropriate.

Secondary Source:

holly cupala said...

Well, yes, Ben. You're part of the takeover! ;)

BJW said...

Holly, if I'm in the gang, I vote for black leather vests with a wicked-cool patch and name. No sissy name either. Something that scares the morals out of those other children's book gangs. And if we don't go for the black leather, then my next vote is for comfy writer sweaters with terrifying patches. And really worn-in slippers.

Better not step lightly in Western Washington (and Victoria) hacks! WWA SCBWI represent!

Kjersten said...

OOOOO! Cool Jaime! You are nice! So is Alice!

Ali said...

You are such a wonderful person Jaime. So pretty and witty.....and intelligent....and.....kind.....and a great cook....and if all this wasn't enough you're such a great artist too. And you have lurvely hair. Nice and curly and brown.

(I'm thinking this will not work and you're just scared of me now)


Clair said...

I would love to win the book...I am a follower of your blog now.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh, sign me up! I'm following.

Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Tara said...

Me! Me! Me!