Friday, August 21, 2009

GiftOscopy and What To Do This Weekend

Happy : art by Karen Chalupnik

I had a couple of 'oscopies' on Monday and someone sent me a very sweet get well card and gift. THANK YOU MADAME!

Would that all our organs chanted 'happy happy joy joy.'

Going to try and draw a lot this weekend.

Probably won't blog until Monday when I announce the winner of the CWIM giveaway contest! Did you enter yet?

If I do turn the computer on it will be to:

Happy Weekend Everybody!


BJW said...

Plants vs Zombies looks incredibly tempting. Thanks Jaime, a time-waster was just what I was looking for.

Secret zombie password below: slyzot

As in, you are such a slyzot!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Love that card from a clever someone.

Now I'm waiting to see a picture of that gigantor cupcake so I can have some cake envy. word is obsesse (I think it's a combo of obese and obsess because of my cake love).

Amy Baskin said...

Love Karen's card! Hope your "oscopies" went well.

My word is "drangi" as in "Sturm und drangi".

BJW said...

Tis done Jaime.

Word: costyp. You know somewhere out there, there's somebody getting paid to make up crazy words for verification. That would be like somebody getting paid to make up questions for board games or something. Crazy. Costyp crazy.

holly cupala said...

I'm glad to hear the happy joy and see Karen's sweet card!

Kim Baker said...

Plants vs. Zombies is the first video game ever in which I have finished every level. Sam even got bored before I did. I think I'm done with the online entertainment for a good long while now...wait, is that Peggle?