Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Morning!

LA smells like Earl Grey tea. I jogged by Fox Studios this morning and have seen no celebrities so far. Very disappointed.

Zombie and Martha Brockenbrough slept in. No, actually, Martha has been reading a book. And she offers free hyphenating advice to her roommates.

Looking forward to a wonderful day at the conference.

All the SCBWI TEAM BLOGGERS will be posting from here, during the day with longer wrap-up posts on our own blogs in the wee hours.

If the mood strikes us or if the wifi fails we'll be tweeting:

It is Follow Friday after all.

Alice Pope tweets

Jolie Stekly tweets

Paula Yoo tweets

Suzanne Young tweets

Lee Wind tweets

SCBWI tweets

Lots of others are tweeting, too! Search for #scbwi09 to see them all.

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