Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Medical Tests done. Bring on the Pastrami Tacos.

Thanks for all those sweet well-wishing emails my friends. I am a lucky girl because of you AND I'm happy to say I can eat from all the major food groups again. Truly, I just eat yogurt and berries all day, but if I lived in LA I could be eating exotic tacos. We saw this sign from the bus on our way to Beverly Hills.

There's lots of work still to be done today, but when I have a moment I have a late post from the SCBWI LA Conference about Dave Gordon's Morphing Media workshop. I think the official conference blog will let me put it up there, if not, I will post it here. Judging from the one workshop I sat in on, THE MORPHING MEDIA PROGRAM WAS AWESOME. They've got to do it again. I will get on the ball and type up my notes so you can all help me pester SCBWI to include this every year.

Happy week!


BJW said...

Enjoy whatever pastrami-unrelated foods you indulge in (or probably already have at this point). You were a brave soldier and deserve something yummy.

And good luck with your work.

Take care pal.


-karen ann. said...

i look forward to the morphing medi post wherever it appears. and dang. i can't believe i missed out on pastrami tacos. they have everything down there.

Liz Mills said...

So glad you can eat what you want again. What a relief that must be for you. Yay!!! :-)