Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The SCBWI Conference TEAM BLOG has been dissolved. Late Monday night we put all our laptops and tweeters on a barge in the Hyatt pool and set the thing afire.

You can see most of my favorite conference moments on the official conference blog, I've posted links to all my posts below. Thanks to Alice for letting us have the freedom to pick almost all of our favorite sessions to attend! If only I had Hermione's Time-Turner, I could have really done the conference right. Too many wonderful speakers to choose from in those concurrent workshops.

All of the keynotes were magical this year, too. I am so glad this conference is four days because I could listen to these people every day for the next forty years if they would let me. And by 'they' I mean my dog who has been on a hunger strike since I left, but has still been able to flatulate alarmingly according to my sweet husband.

David Wiesner Keynote

David Wiesner Keynote Continued

David Wiesner Keynote Continued 2

Allyn Johnston - Leave Me Alone With a Latte: One Editor's Picture Book Revision Process

Editors Panel: Courtney Bongiolotti

Elizabeth Law - PRO TRACK

Elizabeth Parisi - Book Covers: How to fit your style into the current market

Friday Night Wine and Cheese Pics!

Andrea Welch - Meet Beach Lane Books/New Imprint, New Opportunities

Andrea Welch - cont'd

Andrea Welch - cont'd 2

Kadir Nelson - Words and Pictures; Pictures and Words

PRO TRACK LUNCH - How Published Authors & Illustrators Can Work with Booksellers

AGENT PANEL - Marietta Zacker

Agent Panel: Marietta Zacker continued

Dan Yaccarino - From Book to Screen

David Wiesner - Picture Book Basics

Blue Moon Ball: Jaime's Party Pics

Dan Yaccarino - Say Yes!

Dan Yaccarino - continued

Dan Yaccarino - continued 2

Elizabeth Parisi - Book Dummy Smarts

Early Morning Stars with your coffee

Monday Morning Jokes and Opening Remarks

Monday morning in LA, no big deal...

Ingrid Law - Writing Magic: From the Head to the Heart

Ingrid Law Keynote - Cont'd

Ann Whitford Paul - Starting Strong

Steven Malk - What to Expect When You're Expecting: An Agent's Guide from Query Letter to Published Book

Autograph Party Pics


BJW said...

I'm sad the fun is over. Was really enjoying living vicariously through your clever eyes.

Now what?

CocoaStomp said...

Well, I'm pretty sure all the bloggers are flying straight to Pt. Townsend to do live coverage of LINUS.

Duties of TEAM LINUS: Jolie will focus on blogging about the food he eats, Alice can tweet when he barks, Lee can vlog grooming moments, Paula can count the number of naps, Suzanne can Facebook Friend all of Linus's girlfriends and get tell-all interviews. And that leaves me with podcasting all of Linus's toots and burps.