Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - Exclusive! Video Interview with David Wiesner

Yes! More zombie interviews with the Crème de la Crème of the children's book world.

For less silly and more astute information on David Wiesner check out the profile on his publisher's site complete with a tribute by David Macaulay (David W's teacher at RISD and master of how all things works and cathedrals and stuff)

DON'T spend another minute without owning Dilys Evans's book SHOW and TELL which features a fantastic section on the genius that is David Wiesner.

And there's also a great short interview with David from ALA 2007 out in the webosphere here.


Cuppa Jolie said...

BRAAAIIINS! My is happy. I love ZBS.

my verification is: acheou...that's got to be zombie for something. :)

Lee Wind said...

Another brilliant interview by Zombie... And who knew David was so fluent in what really is a "dead" language???
Great job all around,

BJW said...

Jaime is the best. We can all agree right? No more argument. I kept waiting for zombie to start chewing on David Weisner's shoulder. Love the bling and how he meanders off the set.

Wish I could hear him and everyone else speak. I'm going next year. That's it.

Thank you Jaime and Mister Weisner. Can't wait for Dan's interview.

BJW said...

my new zombie word is


Martha Brockenbrough said...

OMG! Even funnier than the first one! Jaime = Genius!

Suzanne @ Secret Garden said...

Jaime you are truly gifted. Gifted in the art of "craze". I was laughing so hard and marvelling at Zombie's voice and brilliant intonations (how come it took Weisner 3 times to understand Ticonderoga. . . ? I got it the first time?!?!?)that I couldn't even figure out the technology. If it was based on a phone interview, how did he see props? The genius ASTOUNDS, that's what!

BJW said...

Yes Suzanne (howdy!), methinks Jaime has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

Is it true Marla's not being interviewed by zombie? Can we start a petition or something?