Thursday, August 6, 2009

SCBWI TEAM BLOG - Exclusive! Video Interview with Dan Santat

It's true! The Zombie Nation couldn't be happier than to know that all these fantastic illustrators speak Zombese.

Dan Santat! He's got such a generous blog, a lovely 7-Imps profile, and a blockbuster of books coming out this year and next. I think this might be the Year of the Dan Santat. Plus I hear he might be walking around the conference with Tammi Sauer and a video camera looking for a few good dancers...


BJW said...


Dan is a great talker. I think the argyle socks were perfect for him too. He's a really nice guy too. Real humble for being so good. I like that.

Tara said...

Too cute! Brings out my inner Sesame-Street child. :]