Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twitter Recap of SCBWI 09

I'm just copying Alice and Lee at this point. Below are the conference tweets I made from my own account and the few I put up on SCBWI's tweet account, all in order from the time we got to SEA-TAC, all through the conference and then the way back home.

  • @saraeasterly just got pickle juice on my arm at the airport
  • just spotted the ravishing @EgmontGal in the Hyatt lobby. And the newly coiffed @suzanne_young, & everlovely Elizabeth Parisi
  • @kimberlycbaker Can't wait to see you post-dining tonight? I want to grab a sketch book at Borders if they are still open later.
  • @cuppajolie and @saraeasterly You asses. Revenge shall be ours. You won't know where or when. But it is coming.
  • If your cel is GOING to ring during a workshop, at least let your ring tone be kid book approved: mine is Alligators All Around
  • Love that Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser have been best friends and workmates for over 38 years.
  • There are cookies being served for breakfast here. Where are we, the Wonka Factory? I LOVE SCBWI.
  • Word Parade Kadir Nelson's word is "Visceral"
  • April Halprin Wayland's word is 'Breathe' And we all did.
  • Marla Frazee's word is 'Sketchy'
  • Nonconferencegoer/Jackass in elevator says "So YOU'RE the people who draw all the bunnies." True, but still. Ass.
  • At Editors Panel, hey, @EgmontGal, JOBRO (Jordan Brown) has 2 swearwords under his belt so far.
  • Editor Ari Lewin says they had author Cinda Chima write in talisman tidbits to match the covers of the HEIR books
  • Jennifer Hunt talking about Peter Brown's awesome THE CURIOUS GARDEN. You know why the book is good? He stuck to his vision. BAM!
  • My credit card just got an ulcer at the #SCBWI09 bookstore
  • Roommates that bring you a latte while you are still in bed should be sainted and knighted.
  • RT @cuppajolie Here we go! Kicking off with a fab extraordinary picture book panel moderated by Arthur Levine. I heart Arthur. #scbwi09
  • Arthur Levine on the PB market now vs. 20 years ago: then there was a 'great receptiveness in publishing and the world to PBs'
  • Arthur continues '...there was a richness of input -- constantly hearing people wanted PBs and *what* they wanted in a PB...'
  • Arthur continues '...Right now, the public 'want' is missing so I'm trying to create that on my own.'
  • Arthur says his office has never been cleaner (which helps him better his focus for making extraordinary PBs...)
  • @chavelaque, is it true that Arthur's office is really really clean?
  • Karen Cushman is cracking us up. She just said "post-menopausal zest."
  • Let's all buy Karen Cushman's husband a beer for refusing to 'hear' her story idea, but being willing to 'read' it
  • Excited for Andrea Welch to give the scoop on Beach Lane Books in her workshop session this hour
  • Agent Panel: Marietta Zacker calls it the 'Nancy Gallt Literary Agency For Really Freaking Good Books For Children'
  • have eaten all the m and m 's and have left @cuppajolie only one mutant green one
  • It's a Bunny Eat Bunny World! Brenda Bowen now speaking on Agent Panel. Brenda's blog
  • Taking a mini break from #SCBWI09 in room. The Librarian on TBS while I iron--Susan Patron or @FuseEight could so out-adventure Noah Wyle.
  • Dan Yaccarino giving us sneak peek sketches of his next PB which is nonfiction and looks freakin awesome!
  • @DDHEARN, you're welcome! The portfolio show this year was really stellar. I'm humbled and inspired by those people.
  • @hollyblack is teaching me things about fantasy. I only wish I wasn't astral projecting from the lobby.
  • Sitting in on David Gordon's ProTrack and it is totally fascinating. I hope they do this track again next year.
  • Early birds DO catch the tastiest vittles, Dinah Stevenson is fantastic this morning.
  • Steven Malk is asking us all to read DEAR GENIUS. Darn tootin'.
  • Barry Zuckerkorn is behind me!!!!!!!! He just gave Bonnie Bader a kiss on the cheek. Eeeeee!
  • Okay, back to the lovely @kdueyduey. She's just given us a lovely quote:
  • "We write by the light of every book we ever read."
  • @mbrockenbrough says there are 2 tbs of sugar in 8 oz. of Hawaiian Punch and I say TRY HARDER Hawaii. Get it to EIGHT tbs--then we'll talk.
  • taking the long way to Long Beach airport. Friends, don't ever leave me in charge of air travel. Or ask me to hold your ice cream sandwich.
  • Back to work post #SCBWI09. Appreciating my Seattle latte options. Would also like Richard Peck to know I've never 'sexted' knowingly.


Jennifer Mann said...

Oh. I can see that I need to open my mind to Twitter. Wish I had followed these live...but there's so much to follow and really, so little time. Thanks for collecting them all here for a more "traditional" read.

BJW said...

Why were you at Long Beach airport anyways? Was Tokyo sold out?

Great Twittering Jaime, you are a great twit.

And still funny.


Lee Wind said...

What fun - and I loved that you highlighted the illustrator's art show! And again, sessions I was really paying attention to held gems I totally missed - like that amazing Kathleen Duey quote about "we write by the light of every book we ever read." awesome stuff!

carolyn said...

Hey, Jaime!

What a great post. Dang. I am so sorry I missed this party... I mean conference. That's it. My mom has to find a new birthday, because I have plans for the first weekend in August.