Friday, September 11, 2009

Marla and Liz are Dear Geniuses

Today is a good day to read a truly beautiful book and do some reflecting about our amazing world and all the peace and love we hope it contains.

Marla Frazee
and Liz Garton Scanlon have an interview up at the impossibly incredible 7-Imps blog.

Here is a quote from Marla's 7-Imp interview that should be tattooed on the backside of anyone who wants to be a children's book illustrator (I don't even have my ears pierced yet, so getting a tattoo is going to take a lot of gin or a hit upside the head with a shovel, but if ever I get a tattoo it will be of this):

I assume that the child reading a picture book is not yet a reader of words, and so they still have the remarkable gift of being an expert picture-reader. This seems to me to be one of the few skills we possess as children and then lose as we age. It makes the picture book audience the most discerning, observant, critical, and appreciative group that we illustrators will ever have the privilege of serving. Imagine playing a violin in front of world-class violinists. When we illustrate a picture book, we are drawing pictures for an audience of picture-reading virtuosos. If it doesn’t scare and humble us as illustrators, then we aren’t paying enough attention to what these pre-readers are able to see.
I haven't seen Liz's blog before and am so excited. This is almost as good as Christmas. And here is a place I would love to visit everyday:

Marla always knocks my socks off and then she goes and knocks my socks' socks off.

Before I saw this interview I was just going to ask if any of you love this book:

Because I'm thinking of reading a little bit of it every night kind of like the Bible (sorry to be such a heathen.)

Happy Weekend!


Tara said...

I love that quote. My son is learning to read right now, and I have taught him to consider what the pictures say about the story. I explained that illustrators plan the pictures to match the text. He's getting to be an expert picture reader.

Ali said...

I wish I could get hold of one of those bibles but I can't:(

-karen ann. said...

honestly, where would we be without heathens? dog bless you, sweet reader.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thanks for this post Jaime. Isn't that book pure gold? And the 7-Imps blog is like summer vacation, or floating around sipping hard lemonade and eating chips and guacamole.