Tuesday, September 1, 2009

these guys are blowing my mind and a hummus question

I kind of forgot to eat lunch today and just ransacked the kitchen for a semi-healthy snack -- hummus shouldn't taste CARBONATED -- should it? You know what to tell the ER if you don't see me tomorrow, or maybe it is because I asked an author this question:


Oh man, I saw this duo at lines and colors and I'm absolutely smitten. Plus this is a completely fabulous comic for authors:

Read it all HERE now.

Another image from their blog, teetering bulb:


BJW said...


Awesome Jaime.

johanna said...


Richard Jesse Watson said...

Gorgeous art, sort of like Edgar Allen Poe on Peyote. Oh, yeah, don't eat carbonated hummus. Ben and I about died in Israel after eating some bad hummus at a roadside stand. And ours wasn't carbonated. Yikes!

CocoaStomp said...

You Watson men have a way with words. And thanks for the head's up on bad hummus. I'm still alive, but the hummus has been retired.