Monday, November 9, 2009

What the dickens?! I missed a Twilight spoof

Still processing what may be the best Fall Retreat yet, I was out on the Hood Canal this weekend for SCBWI WWA's Weekend on the Water.

Editors Cheryl Klein and Ruta Rimas ran the show. Retreat Coordinator CuppaJolie had 100 pounds of leftover Halloween candy to share. I had my electric blanket and wellies. Truly an amazing weekend for writers.

So I missed a few things while I was gone.

• The opening of A CHRISTMAS CAROL in 3stinkingD.

• An adorable TWILIGHT spoof.

See them both on Bound today.


Kirby Larson said...

Don't tempt a struggling writer with distractions like Twilight spoofs. . .too mean!

Glad you had a great weekend. Wish I'd been there with you.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Yes, funny, thrilling, touching, but oh, I wish it weren't a spoof, I love Frankenstein. Jamie, I hope you tell us everything about the Fall Retreat. I really wanted to go.