Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays! BUY BOOKS!

I've been mostly blogging over at Bound this month, but look here soon for some exciting pre-conference interviews with SCBWI Winter Conference faculty.

Fellow Team Blog member CuppaJolie is doing a fun twitter interview with Jenn Bailey tomorrow!

So are you done shopping? Because BOOKS make a great gift. Whatever format suits you -- ebooks, audio books, paperback, hardcover, pop up, scratch and sniff. Books are easy to wrap, too.

At Bound I made ten holiday gift guides and am still thinking of a few stocking stuffer idears. The Mysteries Gift Guide is my favorite because it includes treats to match the book.

If you need to buy:

Holiday Books

Impressive Coffee Table Books


Little Kids

Middle Kids






Stocking Stuffer for Sillies

Stocking Stuffer for Beginning Scientists

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