Thursday, January 14, 2010

SCBWI TEAM BLOG Exclusive - Peter Sis

Peter Sis! One of the most amazing illustrators of our time has been up to no good lately. Since winning that genius thing, he just fritters his days away it seems. Still, we've got some sneak peeks at what Peter's been up to as well as a few hints about his upcoming books:

Out in April from Scholastic Press, THE DREAMER is a YA novel by Pam Muñoz Ryan with illustrations by Sis about the early life of Pablo Neruda. Love this review here, which tells us we can look forward to an intriguing array of illustrated pages and poems in the book.

And soccer fans unite! Peter is currently at work on his next Madlenka book, MADLENKA SOCCER STAR, which should be out after the 2010 World Cup.

When he's not making award-winning books, Peter spends his spare time making awesome 3D art:

And in his spare spare time he is ADAPTING and ILLUSTRATING a 12th century Persian epic poem. I think we can all agree that Peter could be doing more – such a lazy bones! Good thing SCBWI's whipping him into shape by having Peter speak at the upcoming Winter Conference.

All yoking aside I'm beside myself at getting to show these photos – big thanks to Peter and The Wylie Agency for sharing. Want to know more about Peter? Check out his site, read an adorable (if older) interview with Peter here, or there's still time to register to see him in a few weeks!


Stephanie Perkins said...

The Dreamer sounds like HEAVEN! Neruda, Sís, and Muñoz Ryan in one?

Wow. WOW.

Thanks for this great post!

Kirby Larson said...

I got an ARC of The Dreamer which I will loan to you, Jaime, after I read it.

What an amazing man. Don't you love to see all of the directions one creative mind can wander?

Kjersten said...

So fun to see Peter's 3-d stuff! Thanks, Jaime.

Jennifer K. Mann said...

Can't wait to see Peter speak in NY! (uh oh, that's right around the corner!!!)Love his work!

Anonymous said...
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