Monday, February 15, 2010

Virginia Lee Burton documentary is a must watch!

Hey, February is already half over, how is this possible? Such a tease of a month.

My reward for last week was watching the Virginia Lee Burton documentary (Netflix.) HAVE YOU SEEN IT, CHILDREN'S BOOK PEEPS???

I watched it twice in a row and then the DVD extras. A lovely companion piece to Barbara Elleman's Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art.

I have been a Folly Cove Designers fan for quite a while, and it was such a treat to see some of the original designers on the DVD extras. Amazing amazing Virginia and friends. One of Virginia's secrets to success, though, of having a family and career and community all at the same time was a Finnish housekeeper. So, I'm on the look out for a big broad who makes strong coffee and fluffy nisu.

Her other secret seems to be not letting others invade her book making time, she had a sign on her door that said "If You Have Nothing To Do, Don't Do It Here."

Ooo, you just need to watch the DVD! If you watch it you'll hopefully agree with me that we need to bully her sons into publishing her never released book about design. This trailer doesn't do the DVD justice:


Kirby Larson said...

I'm going to rent it as a treat when I've finished my revisions. Were you struck by how much her designs had the feel of the art on Grecian urns? So intricate and interconnected.


Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thanks for this reminder of her brilliant work. I will rent that DVD. She sounds smart, like you. So a Finnish housekeeper is the secret. Some day you'll have to tell me what fluffy nisu is. Do you eat it or wear it?

Soozi said...

Lovely. We saw her art for Maybelle, the Cable Car at the Kerlan Collection. Speaking of housekeepers, we read a note on the edge of one of Margot Zemach's illustrations, "Find a new housekeeper" with several phone numbers jotted down. We must look into this, Jamie. Ta ta~

CocoaStomp said...

Susi, you are such a vixen. Are any of Margot's potential digits still good? Nisu is bread, Richard, but I suppose it could make a nice ascot.
Kirby! Yes, very urn-y, but so much better.